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The birds Taylor

The birds Taylor has
Nothing would be wrong with the friends and accomplices to do business with politicians, if not for those businesses deficiency resulted in the public works carried out as that he killed 32 people who died buried in the collapse of poorly constructed an embankment on the "highway of death."
1999 Delay in the Puebla-Amozoc work
"August 1999 .- In advance of 80 percent and delay in the work, Construction and Real Estate Company DAP. SA de CV, requested additional time to complete the Puebla-Amozoc stretch. Signaling deficiencies caused numerous road accidents.

2000 Breach of construction contracts
"January 2000 .- The Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) from Puebla violated the state Public Works, for Constructora e Inmobiliaria DAP. SA de CV as claimed in the year 1999, the stretch of highway Chiautla Huehuetlán Tapia-Boy, although it had failed to comply with government contracts as evidenced by the office * GCC. 720-411-323-1603 signed on 19 November 1999 by Angel Trinidad Zaldívar, Director General of the SCT Puebla, for delays in the work of the Mexico-Tuxpan. The work in question with a length of 11.16 km and budget of 18 million 947 thousand 260 pesos and 50 cents, according to the bidding process SCTEP-99-CPU/EDO-CO 070.

2001 Shortcomings in the work-Nopalucan Soltepec.
"April 2001 .- deficiencies and delays in road work SoltepecNopalucan, assigned to Construction and Real Estate DAP. SA de CV in October 2000.

2002 Shortcomings in the work Teziutlán-Perote.
January 2002 .- 00009050-045-01 award of contract in the amount of $ 2'035, 657.16 for regular maintenance and irrigation by shoving isolated seal, Km 0 +000 to 11 + Teziutlán-section 000 of the State Boundary Puebla / Veracruz, road Teziutlán - Perote, with a length of 11.00 km in the state of Puebla. Work submitted late and poor quality.

2003 financial problems unresolved.
Item 505 of property public record and trade: Failure to office 3617 dated October 1, 2003, 2nd Civil court of Cholula, in relation to the trial of execution of the deed to File Number 1676/2003 sponsored by "Just Hernández Galindo, against Justo Torres John Taylor, by which instructs the marginal note is made litigious nature about lots 37 and 38 of this heading and under the lot 38 is entered an early warning of sale dated October 7, 2003, the notary number 18 of the City of Puebla, this annotation has effect on Lot number 37 only, is registration. Today October 9, 2003. In response to the letter of Justo Hernández Galindo, dated December 8, 2003, received the same day in which it claims will cancel the annotation of the 1st preliminary notice of purchase, on Lot 38 submitted by the notary number 18 in the city of Puebla dated October 7, 2003; the above, any time, which to date has prescribed warning notice said. However, and based on the provisions of Article 3004 Civil Code Section XII of the state cancels the aforementioned warning notice dated October 7, 2003. Likewise, and in addition to the office 3617 dated October 1, 2003 the 2nd trial Civil Court of Cholula, in relation to Exp 1676 / 2003 derived from the view of granting of the deed, by which requests are made the marginal note on the contentious character lot number 38 is your registration today, 9 October 2003.

2003 The bridge fell
"La Constructora e Inmobiliaria SA de CV DAP was responsible for the construction of Alseseca River bridge that collapsed in June 2003 succumbed a few days of his inauguration. The company blamed the officials of the Ministry of Communications and Transport.

2006 Company committed violations of Federal law
March 2006 .- He became known by advertisements in the Official Journal of the Federation (03/02/2006) the Record number 09/000/001366/2006 SAN/525/2004 agreement of the Ministry of Public Service, the Internal Ministry of Communications and Transport, against the DAP and Real Estate Construction Company. SA de CV began proceedings to determine possible violations of the Law of Public Works and Services Related to the Same, and impose appropriate administrative sanctions under that it provided false information to the Centre SCT Puebla, introducing writing under oath, derived from the award of Contract No. 3-U-CB-A-517-W-0-3 of 21 January two thousand and three on the performance of work consisting of: "Conservation through periodic re-stamp grading and irrigation of 103 kilometers to 134 +500 +200, the section: Limitations of the states of Morelos and Puebla - Izucar de Matamoros, highway : Cuatla-Izucar de Matamoros, with a length of 31.20 kilometers in the state of Puebla. "

2006 Buying and selling of stolen diesel
"November 2006 .- José Amado Ramírez Alvaro Flores Driver Construction & Real Estate the DAP. SA de CV, was arrested by bailiffs in the investigation of facts, for the purchase and sale of diesel stolen.

2006 The Road of Death
The company called Constructora e Inmobiliaria SA de CV DAP was the responsible for carrying out the road "death", owned by David Taylor, which claimed 6 million every mile built despite the high cost, was badly drawn and deficiencies in the work. That killed 32 people, buried under hundreds of tons of mud on July 4, 2006.
Arturo Márquez Barbosa, Deputy Secretary of Communications of the SCT, the company acknowledged that DAP did not make the proper cutting of hills for the construction of the Eloxochitlán- El Tepeyac, since a cut rather than a vertical slope, and to avoid collapse of colossal proportions.
Although Torres David Taylor and supervisor of the company, his nephew, John Taylor Morales , knew of the shortcomings, they ignored the good sense and technical knowledge and instead just made bad work to pocket 21 million pesos.

Business and Trade 2008-2010 San Pedro Cholula
During the administration of Francisco Covarrubias Pérez (son of former mayor Francisco Covarrubias Salvatori ) were used in the works in the municipal government of San Pedro Cholula, prestanombres companies with family and Taylor family.
John Taylor Torres , municipal trustee, led to his eldest son John Taylor Morales was the darling of constructor Francisco Covarrubias Pérez , regardless of any laws or ethics.
The company MATERIALS AND MINING TOOLS, SA DE CV with tax residence in the Calle de Nuestra Señora de San Juan de los Lagos 8-D in Colonia La Guadalupana CP 72595, Puebla, is owned by José Antonio López Taylor (Principal Shareholder) and Ricardo Castro Lira (Primo and financial coordinator in its bid campaign of 2010, respectively, John Taylor Morales ). The legal representative is Mario Alberto Rodriguez Villegas . Company located in a house of social interest (such infonavit) in a popular neighborhood bulk bill but the municipal government of San Pedro Cholula. Also charges other companies in the group that makes up the Taylor family to avoid paying VAT to the Federal Government. Your RFC is MHM-080 215-GB8.
Another defrauded company deliver invoices to City Hall San Pedro Cholula, the company is headed Emilio Zamora Ladino, 29 years old, with tax residence in the 711 West 9th Street, in downtown San Pedro Cholula, 72760, but everyone knows it is not a successful business, but is only prestanombres for public works. Your RFC is LAZE-781 006-HC4 and CURP: LAZE-781 006-HPLDMM05. Currently he served as secretary of Candidate John Taylor Morales and coordinated with fuel costs gas vouchers paid by the H. City Hall. Partner with JAK SOLUTIONS.
The company JAK SOLUTIONS, SA DE CV, represented by Mary Elizabeth Zárate Mendoza, Nereida family Zárate Lara concubine of municipal trustee John Taylor Torres , residing in Cloister Arches 50, GeoVille, San Pedro Cholula "El Campanario" (house of social interest also for that of the fraud) and RFC: 070 803 JSO 232. This company was created to divert public resources even though there is a conflict of interest with a member of the council.
Mrs. Nereida Zárate Lara is an accountant by the construction companies and INMOVILIARIA DAP, SA de CV owned by David Taylor Torres responsible for the bad construction of the road of death that killed 30 people in 2006.
The real estate and construction company COLT SA de CV, whose legal representative is José Antonio López Taylor, John Taylor cousin and nephew Morales John Taylor Torres, is based on Straight Street Cholula not. 810 House 16 Villa las Americas, San Pedro Cholula. RFC: 070925 ICC V89. In the address specified there is no company, is the legal representative's home address. This company also make public affairs work in the municipality of San Pedro Cholula, among others.
Other companies are in the name of Alejandro Martínez Calvillo and Gerardo Pérez Ramírez , with a turnover when Morales John Taylor was the Director of Works in the administration of Concha Juan Pablo Jiménez.

2010 The phantom public works millionaire
John Taylor Morales compadre Francisco Covarrubias Pérez, pocketed more than two million dollars in public works was not performed. The company John Taylor Morales, was awarded the contract construction of a full socket Centre Speaker in Cholula, but the date has been done and that cost the treasury two million four hundred thousand dollars. The document in question states that the work was done between Avenida Hidalgo and Morelos and between the 2 East - West location that corresponds to the Place de la Concorde.
Only by digging, changing land and compact, the construction company owned by John Taylor took the two million four hundred thousand pesos (including VAT).

2010 John Taylor Morales PVEM candidate.
In one night, after he was hopeful the PRI municipal president of San Pedro Cholula, John Taylor Morales PRIistas resigned his membership to accept the Green Ecologist and be anointed candidate, one-person decision of their leaders.

2010 history was repeated.
A beating the alliance gives the HONEYCOMB-PAN-PRD-PRI-PVEM Convergence, John Taylor Morales loses constitutional elections mayor. In 1995, his father, John Taylor Torres lost the election for deputy to the local MP candidate Alfredo owner Rivera Espinosa, on that occasion was the first time the PRI lost an election in San Pedro Cholula and gave the PAN municipal government.

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Puebla account fraud rule

Puebla fraud rule

not surprising that Puebla had been installed in numerous financial firms millionaires who committed fraud, under the connivance of officials and in some cases with their participation.

However operate outside the law, the masters of money and fraud financed political campaigns that guaranteed them impunity, private businesses with public money, influence peddling, use of law enforcement and corruption. Not be said of the wide dissemination of their faces mingling with the band "the masters of power" in which characters or were involved included; Javier López Zavala, José Kamel Nacif Borge, among others.

According to publications of the National Banking and Insurance (NBSC), financial business enterprises that were established in Puebla, operated not only with impunity, but which enjoyed support from public officials including promoting their companies into the government, as happened with Coofia Financial, which, granted loans to public servants and received payments of vehicle ownership in boxes attached within collecting office of the Ministry of Finance and Administration.

Impunity seems to have agreed that given the current state government to its predecessor, all sin pound senior officials enriched under impunity and audacity, not only profited from public practice, but plundered the state in most of their items, in most departments and in amounts beyond the imagination tithe is said was the custom.

After the surge of violence in the country, the presence of organized crime groups in Puebla and the various murders that have occurred recently in the state, shows the impunity with operating these groups and widespread corruption within the police forces.

is likely that violence and reduce fraud, whether the action of the authority not to allow more focused corruption and in particular fraud schemes that advertise openly in the local and national media.

is equally feasible that the current government could be in collusion with such financial and masters of fraud, and that the wave of debris, theft, fraud and violence, set up its real quiet. All for the sake of paying bills, settle or do business commitments. For sake of Puebla hope that the current government is not to collude and brushstrokes are only a budding corruption can be avoided.

Burcap .- Directed by Hugo Moreno García , offered interest from 12 to 35 percent. The company worked with "contracts to provide commercial mediation services, and was registered in the Notary number 45 Victor Hugo Arredondo Corona .- With fundraising offices in Cancun, Quintana Roo. In October 2010 the "financial" and "entrepreneur" had received 66 complaints criminal for the crime of fraud by more than 13.7 million pesos, who lost the trial for defense 911 / 2010 that promoted in the Fourth District Court because federal authorities sobreseyeron trial guarantees. The issue of irregular draws much attention Hugo Moreno has been arrested on charges of blackmail and not fraud. L to City Attorney's Office in Puebla received more than 350 people deceived and fraud amount to more than 60 million pesos. The state of Quintana Roo directed the High Court of Justice in the reporting in that entity were filing and arrest warrants against the owner of Burcap, Hugo Moreno.

Invercapital .- ( Yusana Real Estate Development Co. ) owned Yuseef Barranco and Munguía Isaías Pérez Ortiz. The company was registered on June 11, 2008 before Notary Public number 35 of Álvaro Vázquez Zambrano. Barranco Yussef Munguia and his associates were involved in various fraud and waste of property in St. Pedro Cholula, Palmar de Bravo and Cuetzalan. In the case of San Pedro Cholula, an area of \u200b\u200b12 thousand square meters, who allegedly purchased without the rightful owner has sold or transferred the ownership by some other means. Yussef was associated with the Director of Land Tenure of the State Government, Igor Acuña Ferrer, who would have information on large properties, which were in dispute or owners who would have died, associated with Mario Méndez Francisco Lopez, aka the M Ayen, Juan and Arturo Hernández Alcántara, Pilar Méndez López and José Luis Márquez Martínez, Víctor Hugo González Madrigal, aka "Rocky" who were accused by the family Momox Petlacalco, by stripping or at least 14 properties.

Inverbien .- ( Trading Services and Value, SA de CV ), the company that had the actor Omar Fierro directed by Fernando González Soriano. in May 2010 and l legal representative of the disappointed, Elvira Germain Rayon, required the Attorney General of Puebla and commitment to do justice to the affected families, after at least 200 disappointed, seeking reimbursement of their investments, but only 50 had acted legally, so that the dependence of justice told them they should expect to increase the number of complainants, because that number was too few.

Inverglobal .- Financial (Administrative IG), whose offices are located in local shopping plaza 120, San Jose. The company began operating in January last year and his name is similar to the mark to try to register Domingo Ortiz Castro, legal representative of Tyre Iris Moranchel
in the same period.

Sybce .- (Commercial Real Estate Services and Business SA de CV), a company that offered up to 75 percent returns in 18 months and I ran into problems late last year when it closed without anyone notice its branch located on North Boulevard, just across from Plaza San Pedro.

COMSBRA .- Directed by Miguel Angel Martínez Rodríguez began with liquidity problems since last October. The company also invest in education and health services and tourism, also held investments in professional sports teams such as Wolves BUAP "and" Crab of Tampico-Madero. "

COBIRMEX .- The company led by David Taboada Garcia even offered returns of up to 72 percent. According to some disappointed customers, Taboada Garcia Group was formed in Sitma Sybce then went through before forming his own company managed to install branches in Puebla and Yucatan.

In the Federal District were detected Market Traders Institute, Specialized Consulting Market (Field Master Consultants Limited), Tu Casa Express, De Vere & Partners, Hampton Consulting Group, and IGF LLC , Mexico. Oaxaca is located in the financial institution Increfin.

The Commission reiterated that none of these companies can capture the public by holding operations deposit, loan, credit, mutual or any other transaction involving the obligation to repay the amount of these resources.

can not solicit, offer or promote resourcing of undetermined person or through mass media, or obtain or solicitation of funds or any person regularly or professionally.

In a statement, the NBSC noted that these entities are in addition to previously identified as Verhome or Invergroup Real Estate Group; MXBK Group, also known as Mexbank and Financial Mexbank, WM Advisors; Yakey MX; Inverban (Inverban).
addition Sues Consultants and Associates (Group Sues), Capital Institute (Capital Bank); Boost Zion (Inverzion) FOREX.com; MexForex; Construction Mauri (Sitma, Real Estate Group); Funds Dot Investment Funds, and Sarofin.

Given the outrageous frauds in Puebla is worth recalling the acts of complicity Dolphin governors and businessmen at large or in prison, or the 27 properties Dad Javier López Zavala that account for almost two million square meters when it is said, is a pensioner on the minimum wage. But what we need to add is that his son was the dolphin Governor Mario Marin Torres and that's priceless.

names are notaries public for accuracy of data and not have any relation with the activities of their customers.

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fuel theft in the light of all the money

  • The theft Fuel collusion of public officials.

The company owned by Alma Sandoval Maria Sandoval , located at 12 West 703 for the city of Cholula, Puebla, buy, sell and distribute "Diesel and Gasoline" foreground in illegal. As revealed workers Cuautle Tepal Claudio, who is allegedly in collusion with government servants of state and Federal government, especially elements of the Propuraduría General of the Republic (PGR) and PFP, which is why, can act with impunity.
A Claudio Cuautle Tepal imputed various acts of impunity and crimes, but local authorities have been tolerant in its action, in fact, enjoy complete impunity.
The purchase, sale, distribution and consumption of fuel stolen Pemex pipeline in the town of Juan C. Bonilla, State of Puebla, is performed by the family Cuautle tepals, headed by brothers Claudio, Alfonso and Crescencio (Manuel) of surnames Cuautle tepals with business address at Avenida Niños Héroes 182, Santa Maria Zacatepec, Municipality of Juan C . Bonilla, State of Puebla.
For over a decade (15 years) Tepal Cuautle brothers have bought, sold, distributed, transported and consumed fuel. It is known by locals in their facilities located in the Avenida Niños Héroes de Santa María Zacatepec have oil distribution for burning brick ovens. Fuel is also distributed in businesses located in the region of Cholula, in particular the towns of San Matías Cocoyotla, San Diego and San Cosme Cuachayotla Texintla all together assistants San Pedro Cholula. On a smaller scale illegal distribution takes place in San Mateo and Cuanalan auxiliary boards of John C. Bonilla. As in San Cristobal and San Sebastian Tepóntla Tepalcatepec, both boards auxiliary San Pedro Cholula.
example to determine the amount of daily sales of oil stolen from pipelines PEMEX should be noted that in one town, San Matías Cocoyotla (joint auxiliary San Pedro Cholula), the main economic activity is the development of brick and the number of inhabitants is approximately 7110.
The rivalry between dealers that sell and transport the stolen fuel, has led to several irregularities complaints and threats, plus the use of firearms, with the apparent complicity of public servants in the federal order (said to enjoy the protection of agents PFP), ranging from middle management agents.

Alfonso Cuautle Tepal .- 17/11/1947, address at Av Ninos Heroes # 182 Santa Maria Zacatepec 72660, Juan C. Bonilla, Puebla.
Angelina Cuautle Tepal .- 07/07/1957, Carretera Federal Mexico-Puebla Zacatepec # 186 72660 Santa Maria, Juan C. Bonilla, Puebla.
Claudio Cuautle Tepal .- 26/10/1943, Calle Independencia # 198 Santa Maria Zacatepec 72660, John C. Bonilla, Puebla.
Francisco Cuautle Tepal .- 23/02/1986, Calle Guadalupe # 95 Santa Maria Zacatepec 72660, John C. Bonilla, Puebla.
Ismael Cuautle Tepal .- 17/06/1980, Calle Guadalupe # 95, Santa Maria Zacatepec 72660, John C. Bonilla, Puebla.
Jaime Cuautle Tepal .- 26/02/1990, Calle Guadalupe # 95, Santa Maria Zacatepec 72660, John C. Bonilla, Puebla.
José Isabel Cuautle Tepal .- 26/02/1979, Calle Guadalupe # 95, Santa Maria Zacatepec 72660, Juan C. Bonilla, Puebla.
Rosa Cuautle Tepal .- 03/02/1978, San Isidro Street # 508, Santa Maria Zacatepec 72660, John C. Bonilla, Puebla.
José Crecencio Cuautle Tepal .- 20/06/1951, Calle Ninos Heroes # 177, Santa Maria Zacatepec 72660, John C. Bonilla, Puebla.
Cuautle Alfredo Tirado .- Son of Claudio Cuautle tepals. Calle Independencia # 198 Santa Maria Zacatepec 72660, John C. Bonilla, Puebla.
Cuautle Miguel Tirado .- Son of Claudio Cuautle tepals. Street Independencia # 198 Santa Maria Zacatepec 72660, John C. Bonilla, Puebla.
Margarita Almonte .- Wife of Alfredo Tirado Cuautle .
Angelina Tomay .- Wife Cuautle Miguel Tirado .
Alma Sandoval Maria Sandoval and / or Parts Persan, residing in the 12 Poniente 703, Col. Centro, Cholula, Municipality of San Pedro Cholula, Puebla. Tel: 01 (222) 500 9435, 569 8891, email perssino@gmail.com , a company that buys Diesel and Gasoline Cuautle family.

Some background:

December 19, 2010 .- a strong explosion at a Pemex pipeline in the community of San Martín Texmelucan killed 30 people, destroyed 115 homes and caused millions affectations, and 52 injured. The cause of the oil leak, which in its path crossed a farm field and a channel leading to the river that runs through San Martin Texmelucan, has not yet been elucidated but presumably could result from a making illegal.

March 30, 2011 , only a month the auxiliary board of Santa Ana Xalmimilulco found two clandestine footage of fuel oil , which is a risk to the public. The pipeline where the illegal connections have been detected and where it takes the product marketed, is the same that caused a leak and explosion in Texmelucan.

April 11, 2011 .- Pemex learned making tight illegal in the state of Puebla. Physical Security Elements making Pemex located underground in the 30-inch pipeline New Teapa - Venta de Carpio in the vicinity of the ejido San Mateo Torres, Assistant Board Zacatepec Santa Maria in the town of Juan C. Bonilla.

April 14, 2011 .- Elements of the municipal police arrested a man driving a car 10,000 liters tank, which was carrying fuel oil presumably stolen, aimed to sell at a ladrillera, al momento de la detención el individuo pretendió entregar dinero a los uniformados para no ser detenido. El chofer de la pipa responde al nombre de Ramiro Tecol Villegas proveniente de Santa María Zacatepec, de 49 años, quien circulaba por la colonia Díaz Ordaz cerca de San Mateo Calpultitlan, al detener al chofer no opuso resistencia. Tecotl Villegas presentó un documento apócrifo con logotipo de Pemex aludiendo que el combustible provenía de Hidalgo. Así lo dio a conocer el director de la corporación Raúl Moreno Sánchez. Debe señalarse que Ramiro Tecol Villegas es trabajador de Claudio Cuautle Tepale.

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Masters family

The masters of money and the complicity:
A corrupt government contractors or prestanombres need to do business with public money. The complicity is strengthened from the "start" from the campaign itself, from the internal bid to consolidate power. After you do, you need associates to grow businesses that will give mutual support and wealth for future projects. Not achieved, the complicity cross (sponsoring the candidate opposite) will guarantee impunity and at least the first level accomplices, would be immensely rich.


Kamel Nacif Borge .- The king of denim. creator of the famous phrase "you are my hero ... dad."

Miguel Angel Rivera García .- Hospital Partner of Puebla and initially was called Star Medica and was delayed for several years because of a long conflict.

Alfredo Suárez Sevilla .- D irector general of the packing San Marcos and junior partner in the Casa de Cambio Puebla.

Eduardo Kuri Chedraui .- Former President the Mexican Chamber of Textile Industry in Puebla textile group and owner of Apollo.

Alfredo Rivera Espinosa .- Twice losing candidate local PRI deputy and federal deputy. Chairman of the Board of RESA Group that handles the bus line Oro and former Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Municipal Employment in the three years of Doger.

Eduardo Cue Morán .- I ntegrante of the family that controls the Estrella Roja buses.

Javier Alonso Sendino .- Brother Raymond, director of TV Azteca Puebla, owner of Channel 9 in Costa Rica and business-school AS Media, and who received a concession Cultural Center built Siglo XXI the state government during the presidency of Melquiades Morales and Rafael Posada Cueto, head of real estate group projects that control real estate development Lomas de Angelopolis and former owners of the group flour Assumption. Owner Texmelucan Formula Nissan Automotive, among other businesses.

Pandal Manuel Ruiz .- Pandal brother Gerardo Ruiz-who does the listing was in 2004 - the general director of National Motor Vehicle Transportation Specialist (UAV), former deputy city counselor in the Federal Electoral Institute in 1991.

Rafael Moreno Valle Buitrón .- textile businessman who eventually became owner of the trust first tour of San Francisco and then director of the trust Atlixcayotl.

Moreno Olivia Solomon E sposa Valley .- Rafael Moreno Sánchez current baseball team owner and aunt Los Pericos Rafael Moreno Valley Buitrago.

Julián Aguilera Ventosa property group .- Head JV.

Montoto María Eugenia Álvarez .- Daughter of the late businessman Enrique Montoto automotive Aramburu.

Salvatori .- Rafael Covarrubias Director General of Grupo Café Plaza. Brother of Francisco Covarrubias Salvatori, former mayor of San Pedro Cholula and uncle of Francisco Covarrubias Pérez, former mayor of San Pedro Cholula.

Sunday Minutti .- Italian Coffee.

Emilio Maurer
Espinosa .- Milk Tamariz.

Jorge Toledo Mosqueira .- Ticonsa Group legal representative and then call Tekkno.

Ricardo Henaine Mezher .- Director General of El Heraldo de Puebla, Grupo Rihemez. Real Estate Majority Partner Hena, SA de CV who wanted to sell the property of 18.7 hectares, where installed "Great Valley". Team principal owner of the strip by Soccer Company, Inc., Principal private shareholder of the State Airports operating company, SA de CV Brothers Airport concessionaire Serdán of Puebla.
Barcena Santiago Arriola .- Director General of "Real Estate SA de CV Barcena Arriola." Barcena Santiago Álvarez father's personal secretary Javier López Zavala. partner Ivan Zamora Mangue.

Dario López Fernández .- Charged with laundering money from drug trafficking by the United States government. Principal sponsor of the campaign Zavala. Brother of Jack Hannan Viger.

Jack and Oscar Hannan Viger .- D uenos of the construction Havigsa investigated by various federal crimes among which money laundering, trafficking pseudoephedrine, purchase and sale of sports cars stolen in the United States, among others. Investigates the Attorney General's Office (PGR), through the SIEDO (Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime).

Zamor a. Ivan Mangue - Principal Partner Shiva group. principal operator of nightclubs. Real estate broker who sold land to state government through the municipal government of San Pedro Cholula and the complicity of Concha Juan Pablo Jiménez and Francisco Covarrubias Pérez , both comrades and brothers, the second sister is married to the brother of the former.